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Escape from everyday life – go straight to having fun. Hardly any segment is so diverse and opens up so many possibilities as outdoor sports. To be equipped for the outdoors, you should visit f.re.e.

To make hiking, running or climbing twice as much fun

Find the right running equipment (© nd3000 / Fotolia) Find the right running equipment (© nd3000 / Fotolia)

f.re.e gets you fit for the outdoors, regardless of whether with special equipment for bouldering, paragliding or with the correct functional clothing for the adventure of nature.

You will not have a lot of fun in open terrain without the right equipment. That’s why we prepare you optimally at f.re.e for adventures in nature. Renowned exhibitors exhibit their special accessories for your hobby under the open sky. Climbing, running and hiking gear are just as much part of offer as outdoor jackets and the right shoes.

Enjoy nature well prepared (© YariK / Fotolia) Enjoy nature well prepared (© YariK / Fotolia)

But f.re.e would not be the f.re.e if that were already everything! You can test what you need in the Outdoor area indoors. You get a taste of mountain air on our sky-high climbing wall, or you can follow the exciting climbing competitions at the boulder wall. Whoever wants to stimulate his longing for adventure can listen at the Outdoor Stage to experts, professionals and adventurers tell fascinating stories of exceptional undertakings.

Exclusively indoors: The Outdoor Stage

The Outdoor Stage The Outdoor Stage

The stage in the Outdoor area of the f.re.e is a highlight of the year for outdoor enthusiasts. Professionals and adventurers talk in exciting interviews about their experiences outside in nature. The experience reports not only provide valuable tips, but are also a source of inspiration. They stimulate a spirit of adventure, discovery and anticipation for your own activities. However, outdoor experts also have their say and inform about advantages and disadvantages of outdoor gear and the pros and cons of different tours.

Action! Experience your personal adrenaline rush in bouldering and climbing

Climbing wall Climbing wall

Try out the climbing wall yourself. Experience what it feels like to climb up high alone and find the perfect route. The climbing wall of f.re.e will make your visit into an unforgettable experience. Connect fun, information and shopping at f.re.e and prepare yourself for your upcoming adventures appropriately.

CLIMB FREE Boulder Challenge

Whoever does not want to climb himself can let others do it. Enjoy the action when the professionals measure their strength in climbing competitions on the boulder wall. The German Alpine Club and the Bavarian Climbing Association e.V. are hosting the prestigious competition and guarantee spectacular performances as every year. You can also use the opportunity to speak with the pros afterward and get a tip or two.

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Tip: Special Presentation of the European Outdoor Film Tour

European Outdoor Film Tour (©Fabian Bodet) European Outdoor Film Tour (©Fabian Bodet)

The European Outdoor Film Tour is making a stop at f.re.e with a special screening on Saturday, February 23. Starting at 18:00, you can see the highlights of outdoor film productions on the BR show stage in Hall C5. The selected films are not only breathtaking, but also exciting.

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Tip: Premiere of the Bavarian Outdoor Film Festival

Bayerisches Outdoor Film Festival Bayerisches Outdoor Film Festival

Don't miss this event or the screenings of the Bavarian Outdoor Film Tour, which will also be at f.re.e as a guest, and that on Thursday, February 21. The adventure films will be shown at the outdoor stage in Hall C5, which all deal in a way with Bavaria. Either the protagonists and/or the filmmakers are from Bavaria and/or the pictures were taken in the Bavarian Alps.

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So that you are well prepared. The outdoor offer at f.re.e

  • High-quality hiking gear
  • All accessories for all aspects of climbing
  • Running. Running and fitness clothing
  • Functional clothing and equipment
  • Special offers such as paragliding, etc.

Nature knows no borders. The Outdoor Supporting Program

  • Exciting stories from experts and adventurers
  • Adrenaline: Climb on the climbing wall
  • Professional climbing competitions at the bouldering wall with the DAV (German Alpine Association) Munich & Oberland
  • Special screening of the European Outdoor Film Tour
  • Premiere of the Bavarian Outdoor Film Festival

That’s why you should absolutely visit the Outdoor area.


When you are outdoors in nature, nothing is more important than the right equipment. The Outdoor area offers you everything you need for your excursion into nature, regardless of whether the correct functional clothing when hiking or special equipment for climbing, skiing or golfing. However, the Outdoor area at f.re.e also provides you with pure adrenaline: whether it's your own attempt to conquer the climbing wall or the excitement at the professional climbing competitions at the boulder wall. The Outdoor stage is also absolutely worth a visit. Exciting stories of adventurers and experts will provide you with just as unique impressions as the special screenings of the European Outdoor Film Tour and the Bavarian Outdoor Film Festival. Let yourself be inspired and feel the power of nature. At f.re.e.

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