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Test the new models on site on exciting test tracks, compare the different types of bikes, get tips directly from experts and just have fun. Pedal your way!

The latest e-bikes, the most rugged mountain bikes, the best racing bikes, and most fashionable city bikes are waiting for you

E-Bikes - uphill the easy way (© ARochau / Fotolia) E-Bikes - uphill the easy way (© ARochau / Fotolia)

Bicycles are the future. Cities are creating a new infrastructure for bicycles, e-bikes are becoming cheaper and more powerful, and bicycle laboratories are developing new types of bicycle for every need. Regardless of whether as a mobility concept or as a recreational device, at you will find all the models from well-known manufacturers and trendy bike manufacturers. And the best part: You can jump onto the saddle on site and test the new bikes immediately.

Find the right bike Find the right bike

Get an overview of the market offer or get the best tips for beautiful cycling tours and vacations with bicycles. The experts from the ADFC (German Cyclist’s Association) are also on site as tour operators and known bike freaks. Don't miss the spectacular shows and demonstrations of professional cyclists, which are sure to impress you.

Firmly in the Saddle: Test it yourself.

Big bicycle track Big bicycle track

Which bike fits your needs best? What is the best way to ride a mountain bike? How much power does an e-bike have? In order to find that out, we have built two different bike tracks for you at the big bicycle track and the mountain bike track. Test it yourself. Ride your rounds with the e-bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes or special bikes on the test tracks. In this way, you can evaluate which bicycle type suits you best. At, you will have the opportunity to try out as many bikes as you want. Compare the gears, saddle, aerodynamics or the hardness of the shock absorbers, and take your time to find the best product.

Enrich Your Vacation. The World of Cycling Trips

The World of Cycling Trips (© Brian Jackson / Fotolia) The World of Cycling Trips (© Brian Jackson / Fotolia)

Cycling trips make your vacations more exciting. You can discover the world from a completely new perspective with a bike. You can find a wide range of dream trips by bike in the big cycling area of The experts from the ADFC, the largest bicycle association in Germany, will inform you about everything that you need to consider when on a cycling vacation. Get tips and tricks, and prepare yourself optimally for your next big bicycle tour.

In addition to day trips and camping vacations, you will also find information about exceptional bicycle tours. The German Alpine Club is on site at on site and helps you prepare for your adventure. Take advantage of the combined expertise of the experts at, who will be happy to provide you with information about what is important at a crossing of the Alps and during mountain bike tours.

The Bike Stage: Inspiring and Informative

Bike Stage Bike Stage

Discover what is possible in the saddle and on two wheels. At the Bike Stage, you will receive valuable tips and suggestions for your next cycling tour, for example, in Taiwan, Czech Republic or along the Danube.

In addition, experts and professional cyclists will provide useful information on handling bicycles: from suggestions regarding safety to product information and all the way to tips about the different types of wheels. Visit the Bike Stage and enjoy the talks and discussions.

Special: Women´s Lounge

Kerstin Kögler (©Kerstin Kögler) Kerstin Kögler (©Kerstin Kögler)

Women have discovered the sport of cycling! Improve your riding technique in the free training course given by our expert Kerstin Kogler. In addition, she will also speak on the Bike stage on bicycle topics especially relevant for women.

Big bicycle track Big bicycle track

Regardless of whether mountain bikes, recumbent bikes, cargo bikes or e-bikes, our exhibitors personally explain the different types of bicycles to you. Just come by the big bicycle track!

Picture gallery Bicycles

The Great Variety of Offers in the Bicycle Theme World

  • Bicycles as far as the eye can see. E-bikes, MTB, racing bikes, trekking bikes, fatbikes, city bikes, children's bikes, and special wheels
  • Bicycle accessories: From bicycle trailers to bicycle helmets and all the way to navigation devices
  • Bike trips and tours
  • Expert advice given by the ADFC (German Cyclist’s Association) and DAV (German Alpine Association)
  • Transalp crossings by bike

The Complete Supporting Program

  • The test tracks on the big bike track & mountain bike track
  • Mountain bike technique training
  • E-bike riding technique training on the bike track
  • Open bicycle workshop
  • Comprehensive program of talks
  • Spectacular bike shows on the mountain bike track

That’s why you should cycle by the Bike area


Regardless of whether as sports equipment, leisure equipment or just to get around, it is simply not possible to imagine our everyday life without bicycles. At, you will have the opportunity to find the bike that best suits you. You can compare the different models and try them out on the test tracks on-site. And if you also need accessories or spare parts for your bike at home, you are exactly at the right place in the Bike area.

Are you also planning a trip by bicycle or an exciting bike tour? Our offer of cycling vacations or bike tours is overwhelming at Plan and get prepared or inspired; the experts from the ADFC and DAV have lots of useful tips.

Be sure to stop by: On the Bike Stage, bike pros will demonstrate amazing acrobatics on two wheels in spectacular bike shows.

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