February 14, 2016

Exhibitors’ opinions of f.re.e 2016

Sarah Bousart, Project Coordination Events, Schauinsland Reisen
“For many years, we’ve been represented at the fair as an exhibitor—and again we’re enthused by the response this year as well. Particularly in demand were the Balearics and Canaries as well as the new edition of our family catalog for 2016.”

Peter Cauchi, Director, D-A-CH, tourist information office for Malta
“As part of f.re.e, we again presented Malta’s great variety to the public from Munich and Bavaria this year too. The fair was a complete success. We were most satisfied with the course of the event and the competent trade-fair management and we look forward to being at f.re.e next year too.”

Hans Christl, Management, Christl & Schowalter
“We’ve been present as an exhibitor for 40 years now and are very satisfied with f.re.e. The fair has turned out very positively with regard to vans because more and more young couples and families look for these offers and buy them.”

Daniel Ciasto, General Manager, Alpha Bikes
“The trade fair came up to our expectations throughout. Very positive was that many visitors were greatly interested in models from the ‘Specialized’ brand. Next year we’d definitely like to take part in the stage program.”

Peter Cremer, Fairs Project Management, Wikinger Reisen
“The visitors showed great interest in our offer from the first day on. Compared to the previous years, a clear increase is noticeable here. So we are very satisfied and are always pleased to come to f.re.e.”

Patricia Ebenberger, Management, Deutscher Alpenverein (German Mountaineering Association), Munich & Oberland
“We make use of f.re.e to gain new members for the D.A.V. We reach a lot of interested visitors with our climbing offer and the well-attended bouldering contests—this way we can advertise ourselves very well.”

Klaus-Wilhelm Gérard, Owner, Wohnwagen Gérard
“We’ve been exhibiting at this fair for over 40 years and are very satisfied with the positive development in the Caravaning & Mobile Recreation area. This year we increased our talks and contacts with new customers noticeably compared to the previous year.”

Christian Grassmann, Sales Management Munich Altstadt, DER Deutsches Reisebüro
“All in all, our first appearance at f.re.e under our new brand name DER Deutsches Reisebüro was a complete success. Our offer was taken up very positively, our travel experts already made many new customer contacts during the days of the fair and concluded a pleasingly high number of bookings.”

Andreas Hartmann, Owner, Caravaning Center Erding
“The combination of bicycle and camper is very popular with a lot of visitors. We therefore had even more enquiries at our stand this year so we can hope for positive follow-up business after the fair.”

Simone Heer, Marketing/Events, Globetrotter
“First and foremost, we wish to address new customers at f.re.e and draw attention to our products. That has worked very well this year so we can give a positive summing-up.”

Renate Hirse, President, VIT (Association of International Diving Schools)
“It was a matter of real importance for us to take part in f.re.e. Our members like to come to the fair, that’s why we also initiated ‘Divers’ Day’. As well as that, we were able to make new contacts in the diving scene.”

Heinz Kubny, Owner, Polar News
“The level of interest in our offers was very high among the visitors. Our aim was to publicise the brand Polar News and develop new contacts, and that was a complete success. We’ll be pleased to take part in the stage program too next year.”

Christian Lehner, Owner, Kajak Hütte
“Together with our partners, we benefit from the kayak test run because after the test drives, interested visitors find out about the individual models at our stands. Especially with regard to the young generation in the canoe area, this offer proves successful.”

Florian Liebl, Regional Sales Manager, TUI Cruises
“This year we recorded an increase in direct bookings at our stand. The South is a growth market in the cruise area. So we’re pleased that f.re.e is now focusing more on this area.”

Anita Priedite, Tourism Marketing, Latvian Tourism Development Agency
“f.re.e is a very important fair for us in order to become known in the German market. Compared to the last few years, the questions we got from visitors on the subject of camping holidays in Latvia were even more specific.”

Wolfgang Scheinert, Project Manager, Ostbayern Tourismusmarketing GmbH
“For tourism in Eastern Bavaria, f.re.e provides a very good opportunity to present yourself to the specific target group. The thoroughly mixed public here are most interested in holidaying in their own country right on their doorstep. We’ll be pleased to take part in f.re.e next year too.”

Merle Schindler, Marketing Executive, G Adventures
“With our offers for single travellers, we addressed many visitors at the thematic day ‘f.re.e Solo’. By taking part in the fair, we are even closer to the customer and have the opportunity to present our long-term travel offers to a wide audience.”