The most important dates and logistics

The most important dates and logistics for 2020

Setup and dismantling times

From February 14, 2020 (08:00 a.m.) until February 18, 2020 (06:00 p.m.)

On the last set-up day, you may decorate your stand until 08:00 p.m. Extensions to the setup times are only possible with the written permission of the Exhibitor Technical Services Department.

From February 23, 2020 (06:00 p.m.) until February 25, 2020 (06:00 p.m.)

Stand-building companies and suppliers will not be admitted into the halls before 07:00 p.m.on February 23, 2020. Extensions to the dismantling time are not possible.


Traffic guide

Our traffic guide contains important information regarding traffic regulations during set-up and dismantling as well as during the fair will be available from December 2019:

Delivery address for 2020
Am Messesee 2
81829 München

Please keep in mind that this address is only applicable during the trade fair (February 19– 23, 2020). Deliveries prior to the trade fair should be sent to one of our service partners:

Schenker Deutschland AG
Phone: +49 89 949-24300
Fax: +49 89 949-24339

Kühne + Nagel (AG & Co.) KG
Phone: +49 89 949-24400
Fax: +49 89 949-24409

Order- and registration deadlines

June 2019 Deadline
Start of allocation of stands 18-Jun-2019
August 2019  
Consignment of the stand proposals from Aug 2019
October 2019  
Launch Exhibitor Shop and order forms 16-Oct-2019
November 2019  
Consignment of the admission invoice from Nov 2019
BR Show Stage 08-Nov-2019
Holiday cinema 08-Nov-2019
Watersports stage 08-Nov-2019
Outdoor stage 08-Nov-2019
Bike stage 08-Nov-2019
Health stage with Radio Arabella 08-Nov-2019
Trade visitor programme 08-Nov-2019
Cruise stage 08-Nov-2019
Caravanning stage 08-Nov-2019
December 2019  
Registration co-exhibitors 10-Dec-2019
January 2020  
Parking passes 07-Jan-2020
Technical services 07-Jan-2020
Audio services 07-Jan-2020
Entry in the online catalogue at 07-Jan-2020
“ – Das Messemagazin”: Closing date (advertisements, logos) 07-Jan-2020
“ Journal”: closing date advertisements (insert Merkur/tz) 30-Jan-2020
February 2020  
Visitor flyers (Germany, Italy and overseas other date!) 01-Feb-2020
Posters (Germany, Italy and overseas other date!) 01-Feb-2020
Letter stickers (Germany, Italy and overseas other date!) 01-Feb-2020
Print Ticket Vouchers for your customers (Germany, Italy and overseas other date!) 01-Feb-2020
Online Ticket Vouchers for your customers 165-Feb-2020
Additional offers  
Rooms for press conferences upon request
Advertising space in the visitor-newsletter upon request
Advertising space on the trade fair grounds upon request