Water Sports. Plunge into Wind and Waves

The Water Sports area at f.re.e makes high waves! Discover the fascinating world of water sports and enjoy wind and waves at f.re.e.

Kayaks, Canoes, Water Board Sports, Motor Boats, Sailboats and a Complete Range of Water Sports Accessories

For all who are passionate about water sports, f.re.e is a long-awaited mandatory date.

Fans of water sports can find everything their hearts desire at f.re.e. In addition to a wide variety of boat types, surfboards and diving equipment, renowned exhibitors offer and accessories and special equipment.

Experts and pros give tips as well as advise and inform you about the challenges in water and fire your enthusiasm for the world on and under water.

Find all the exhibitors and products at f.re.e in our exhibitor directory:

Giant water landscape

At f.re.e, you will find not only the right water sports equipment, but you can also plunge live into waves on site.

In a free trial course, test the latest diving equipment in the large diving pool or paddle on the giant water landscape – be it in a kayak or on a SUP board.

Whoever was only swimming in the past will be enthusiastic about the new dimension of water sports after a visit to f.re.e.

Experience boat sports

As a part of the campaign "experience boat sport" you will get answers to all of their questions about (re-)entering the world of motor and sailing boats. As a special highlight there'll be a virtual reality boat simulator for first (virtual) test drives.

Diving for Beginners and Professionals

Anyone who wants to try out scuba diving has the opportunity to do so at f.re.e.

You can test equipment and material in the large diving pool. Snorkel through the pool or dive with oxygen tanks to its bottom.

Previous knowledge and equipment are not necessary. We provide the trial divers with diving suits, breathing equipment, diving goggles and a dry f.re.e towel.

Tip: 4th Munich Diving Day

Diving fans got everything their hearts desire there. On the 4th Munich Diving Day on February 23, 2019, beginners, ambitious hobby divers and professionals got to know all important innovations in diving sport.In the conference room B52, diving clubs, associations and experts provided information about one of the most beautiful hobbies in the world.

Whoever has once in life discovered the underwater world will want not do without it for the rest of one’s lifetime. The community of divers found a home on the surface at f.re.e. Come by and see for yourself!

For All Who Love the Water: The Water Sports Stage

Get a flood of information and entertainment at the Water Sports stage.

Experts and professionals will thrill you with all the latest tips and tricks from the world of water sports. Our water sports stage provides the latest information about the popular sport of Stand-Up-Paddling (SUP) and the limits and possibilities of canoeing.

Take advantage of the opportunity to come into contact with professionals and experts to answer your personal questions.

Tip for canoe fans: You can receive first-hand information at the information booth of the Bavarian Canoe Association e.V.: Everything about material, boat types, tours and legal conditions.

Water Sports as Far as the Eye Can See

  • With your nose in the wind: Boat types from folding boats to canoes and kayaks
  • In the waves: Surfboards, SUP boards
  • Water sports schools
  • Underwater: Everything dealing with diving
  • Accessories for all kinds of water sports
  • Information booth of Bavarian Canoe Association e.V.

The Water Sports Supporting Program

  • Water sports experience: Testing in the huge water landscapes
  • Live diving: Taster courses in the diving pool
  • Show and entertainment: The big water sports stage
  • Special divers’ event: The Munich Diving Day
  • Experts and professionals on site

That's why you should let yourself become inspired in the water sports area

Actually, every f.re.e visitor should stop by the water sports area: The huge water landscapes, in which you can try out Stand-Up-Paddling or canoes on site, is one highlight of the largest leisure and adventure trade fair in Bavaria.

Take advantage of the offer at the diving pool: You can go under water in the free trial diving course. You can also get information, tips and tricks from our experts at the water sports stage or at the information booths, where both beginners and professionals as well as amateur athletes can learn about valuable innovations.

And the best part: Our exhibitors will provide you with all the trends and products of water sports including accessories and market innovations – often at inexpensive trade fair prices.

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